Infection Prevention Must be Re-engineered with Automated Tools & Protocols

Yes, Long-Term Care and Nursing facilities should have systems to track HAIs like hospitals. For too long CDC’s HAI tracking system, the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN), has not required surveillance of infection outbreaks in nursing homes. To adequately prevent and control infections that impact elderly Americans, long-term care facilities must be required to address […]

UVC Becomes Mainstream in Healthcare IFU’s

March 6, 2023 Las Vegas, NV   TMG Health Technologies, a biosafety company recognized by Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine as a Top Ten Infection Prevention Solutions Provider of 2022, was recently asked to implement testing and assist in writing the IFU (Instructions For Use) on the latest battery-powered respiratory masks and imaging products. Their model […]

Why are we ignoring UVC in disinfection of patient care devices and personal items?

After attending a recent Infection Prevention meeting and speaking with several attendees, it was clear to me that healthcare workers are not hearing the message regarding newer disinfection modalities for patient care equipment and personal equipment used around patients. These include “EHR” required cell phones, communicators and tablets, as well non-critical patient care tools like […]

Veteran’s Health Administration Expands Use of Rapid UVC Disinfection Systems

TMG Health Technologies continues to be a major supplier to the Veteran’s Administration’s Infection Prevention Program with the second delivery of thirteen [13] Rapid UVC Decontamination Systems to VISN 6 (Veterans Integrated Service Network) in Salem, Virginia. Cross-contamination from shared handheld electronics, devices and non-critical patient tools continues to be a major challenge in healthcare. […]

Equipment Disinfection & Hand-Hygiene Automated to a Simple 30 Second Process


Healthcare workers use many high-touch items in the process of caring for their patients. Keeping those items consistently disinfected is a challenging process that is further complicated by irregular shapes and cleansing limitations, making manual decontamination difficult and questionably effective. Using cleaning products on mobile devices (phones, tablets, laptops) and other medical technology has also […]

The Federal Agency “CMS” on UVC Disinfection in Healthcare

Although UVC systems have contributed greatly to the reduction of infections, there are still Infection Preventionists concerned about its impact on CMS surveys and the JCAHO reviews. Since UVC is a chemical-free disinfection solution the EPA has not taken a position on UVC devices, and while the FDA does not regulate UVC disinfection activities, they […]

Candida Auris: A drug-resistant yeast that spreads in healthcare facilities

“Prevention Is Always the Better Plan” In health care, we are faced with hosts and sources of thousands of fungi, bacteria, and viruses. It is known that we have only identified 10% of microorganisms on earth as we are not able to grow them in culture. We can isolate their DNA and sequence it, but […]

No More Excuses

Dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic has taught us all that we were not prepared for this occurrence. Handwashing is the Bain of our existence in healthcare. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, adherence to handwashing was often lower than 42%. The Joint Commission and CMS have always made handwashing a major emphasis of their facility evaluations, yet […]

WHERE ARE WE? My two cents….

Dealing with COVID-19 Pandemic has taught us all that we were not prepared for this occurrence. We were somewhat prepared for EBOLA., but most did not believe it would really be a factor in the US. When we were faced with a few cases some imported and some contracted while caring for those patients, no […]

Operationalize the Disinfection of Medical Tools & Electronics

Non-critical medical devices are those in contact with intact skin, but not mucous membranes. Examples of non-critical medical devices vary from stethoscopes, bp cuffs, to Screen & Button electronics, infusion pumps, and wearable monitors and transceivers.¹ Clearly, administrative tools like computer keyboards, mouse, bar-code readers, communicators, and mobile and landline phones fall in the mix […]