Veteran’s Health Administration Expands Use of Rapid UVC Disinfection Systems

Sanford Green

President, TMG Health Technologies

TMG Health Technologies continues to be a major supplier to the Veteran’s Administration’s Infection Prevention Program with the second delivery of thirteen [13] Rapid UVC Decontamination Systems to VISN 6 (Veterans Integrated Service Network) in Salem, Virginia.

Cross-contamination from shared handheld electronics, devices and non-critical patient tools continues to be a major challenge in healthcare. Covid, the Flu and the rise of Candida auris amplifies the requirement to disinfect these items quickly and effectively on demand in between patients.

The RDS-32a systems provide high-level disinfection simplified to a one-step, 30-second, chemical-free process with certified, repeatable results. Hospitals and healthcare providers who have utilized the RDS-32a consider it a game-changing tool in the effort to automate the equipment disinfection process to the time it takes to clean one’s hands.

Says Sanford Green, President of TMG Health Technologies, “The RDS-32a is the most versatile, reliable, and cost-effective UVC decontamination solution.” “It can be deployed as a desktop or mobile solution, disinfect wireless and wired devices, requires no preventative maintenance, and includes an industry exclusive three-year factory warranty. In addition to high-level disinfection of shared hand-held objects, the RDS expands the green initiative strategy to patient supply waste, by recovering unopened packaged supplies. We have customers saving $100,000’s within the first six months on this program.”

VISNs are regional systems of care including hospitals and clinics working together to better meet local health care needs and provide greater access to care for Veterans across the US. This second delivery to VISN 6 represents an expansion in the use and application of the UVC disinfection systems that were originally deployed in 2020.

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They provide rapid 30-second UVC decontamination solutions for critical care patient areas that lead to improved patient outcomes, cost containment, and operational savings.

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