American Made to the Highest Standards

Certified for Performance & Efficacy

TMG Health Technologies products have been independently certified for performance and efficacy in the deactivation of pathogens including Endospores.

The RDS Product Series has the distinction of achieving pathogen deactivation up to 99.9999% or a 6 LOG₁₀ in a single 30 Second cycle. ¹ 

EPA Test Standards: ASTM 3135, ASTM E1153, ATCC-BAA1556, ATCC-3513563, ATCC-4255595, ATCC-3279148.

EPA Certified Lab Testing: NG 3513563, NG 4255595, NG 3279148, NG 33592, NG 43598, NG 6538, NG 8769, NG 16022, NG 15597-81.

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All TMG Health products are manufactured and assembled under the same roof, in a 70,000 square foot UL, TUV, ISO 9000:2015, EPA Registered USA facility that meets or exceeds the quality assurance standards as outlined by International Organization of Standards